Scholion to Dionysius Periegeta: Division of Arkadia

Dionysius Periegeta

Ἀρκάδες Ἀπιδανῆες] Μετὰ τὸν Ἀρκάδος θάνατον οἱ παῖδες αὐτοῦ τρεῖς
ὄντες ἐνείμαντο τὴν ἀρχήν. Ἔλατος μὲν ἔλαχε μοῖραν Ὀρχομενὸν,
Μαντίνειαν καὶ τὴν Κυνουρικὴν, ἥτις Θυρέα καὶ Ἀνθήνη καὶ τὰ περὶ τοὺς
καλουμένους Πραίους· Ἀφείδας δὲ Τέγεαν καὶ τὰ περὶ Μαιναλίαν· Ἀζὰν δὲ
καὶ τὴν ἀφ’ ἑαυτοῦ Ἀζανίαν ** τὸν διὰ παρρησίαν, ἐν ᾧ τὸ τοῦ Λυκαίου
Διὸς ἱερὸν εἰς τὰς κοινὰς εἰσόδους εἴασαν.
After the death of Arkas, since there were three sons, they divided the rule. Elatos took the part of Orchomenos... Apheidas took Tegea... and Azan that part named after himself, Azania. The Parrhasian part, in which is the sanctuary of Lykaian Zeus, they permitted entrance to all in common.