On Farming: Invocation of Lykaian nymphs


Nunc vos Pegasidum comites Acheloidas oro
Maenaliosque choros Dryadum nymphasque Napaeas,
quae colitis nemus Amphrysi, quae Thessala Tempe, 265
quae iuga Cyllenes et opaci rura Lycaei
antraque Castaliis semper rorantia guttis
Now I entreat you, o Acheloid companions of the Pegasids and Maenalian choruses of Dryads and Napean nymphs, who inhabit the grove of Amphrysus, Thessalian Tempe, the rough heights of Cyllene and shady Lykaion, and the caves always dripping with Castalian drops...