Olympian Odes: Xenophon of Corinth Foot Race and Pentathlon


εἰ δὲ δαίμων γενέθλιος ἕρποι,
δι᾽ τοῦτ᾽ Ἐνυαλίῳ τ᾽ ἐκδώσομεν πράσσειν. τὰ δ᾽ ὑπ᾽ ὀφρύϊ Παρνασσίᾳ
ἕξ: Ἄργεΐ θ᾽ ὅσσα καὶ ἐν Θήβαις, ὅσα τ᾽ Ἀρκάσιν ἀνάσσων
μαρτυρήσει Λυκαίου βωμὸς ἄναξ,
Πέλλανά τε καὶ Σικυὼν καὶ Μέγαρ᾽ Αἰακιδᾶν τ᾽ εὐερκὲς ἄλσος,
ἅ τ᾽ Ἐλευσὶς καὶ λιπαρὰ Μαραθών,
ταί θ᾽ ὑπ᾽ Αἴτνας ὑψιλόφου καλλίπλουτοι
πόλιες, ἅ τ᾽ Εὔβοια: καὶ πᾶσαν κατὰ
Ἑλλάδ᾽ εὑρήσεις ἐρευνῶν μάσσον᾽ ἢ ὡς ἰδέμεν.
If the good fortune of their family continues, we shall leave this to Zeus and Enyalius to accomplish. They won six times beneath the brow of Parnassus; and all their victories in Argos and in Thebes, and all that shall be witnessed by the royal Lycaean altar that rules over the Arcadians, and by Pellana, and Sicyon, and Megara, the beautifully enclosed precinct of the Aeacidae, and Eleusis and splendid Marathon, and the wealthy and beautiful cities beneath the high crest of Aetna, and Euboea—you may search through all Greece, and you will find that their victories are more than the eye can see.