Olympian Odes: Epharmostus of Opus Wrestling


τὰ δὲ Παρρασίῳ στρατῷ
θαυμαστὸς ἐὼν φάνη Ζηνὸς ἀμφὶ πανάγυριν Λυκαίου,
καὶ ψυχρᾶν ὁπότ᾽ εὐδιανὸν φάρμακον αὐρᾶν
Πελλάνᾳ φέρε: σύνδικος δ᾽ αὐτῷ Ἰολάου
τύμβος εἰναλία τ᾽ Ἐλευσὶς ἀγλαΐαισιν.
Again, among the Parrhasian people he was marvellous to look at, at the festival of Lycaean Zeus, and when at Pellana he carried off as his prize a warm remedy against chilly winds. The tomb of Iolaus bears witness for him, and also Eleusis by the sea, for his splendid achievements.