Georgics: Lykaian Woods and Rivers


[3.1-2] Te quoque, magna Pales, et te memorande canemus
pastor ab Amphryso, uos, siluae amnesque Lycaei.
[3.314-317] pascuntur uero siluas et summa Lycaei,
horrentisque rubos et amantis ardua dumos,
atque ipsae memores redeunt in tecta suosque
ducunt et grauido superant uix ubere limen.
[3.1-2] Thee also, mighty Pales, and thee will we sing, O renowned shepherd of Amphrysus, and you, Lycaean woods and rivers.
[3.314-317] Their pasture indeed is on Lycaean wood and hill-top, rough briars and brushwood clinging to the steep; and unherded they return heedfully home, leading their young, and hardly lift their heavy udders through the doorway.