Description of Greece: Damarchos' Lycanthropy


Σωκράτους δὲ Πελληνέως δρόμου νίκην ἐν παισὶν εἰληφότος καὶ Ἠλείου Ἀμέρτου καταπαλαίσαντος ἐν Ὀλυμπίᾳ παῖδας, καταπαλαίσαντος δὲ καὶ Πυθοῖ τοὺς ἐλθόντας τῶν ἀνδρῶν, τοῦ μὲν τὸν ποιήσαντα τὴν εἰκόνα οὐ λέγουσι, τὴν δὲ τοῦ Ἀμέρτου Φράδμων ἐποίησεν Ἀργεῖος. Εὐανορίδᾳ δὲ Ἠλείῳ πάλης ἐν παισὶν ὑπῆρξεν ἔν τε Ὀλυμπίᾳ καὶ Νεμείων νίκη: γενόμενος δὲ Ἑλλανοδίκης ἔγραψε καὶ οὗτος τὰ ὀνόματα ἐν Ὀλυμπίᾳ τῶν νενικηκότων.
[6.8.2] As to the boxer, by name Damarchos, an Arcadian of Parrhasia, I cannot believe (except, of course, his Olympic victory) what romancers say about him, how he changed his shape into that of a wolf at the sacrifice of Lykaion (Wolf) Zeus, and how nine years after he became a man again. Nor do I think that the Arcadians either record this of him, otherwise it would have been recorded as well in the inscription at Olympia, which runs:--